Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bananas here in Spain come from Ghana.  Never had bananas from Ghana before...

My Asturian fabada stew (fava bean stew with onions, chorizo and other meat) is on the stove so I thought I'd take this chance to keep on bloggin'.
Yesterday was market day here in Ribadesella.  Just a block down from our apartment.  I met a vendor, Clara, who sold the ingredients for fabada to me and explained how to make it.  Not only was I excited to learn how to make it I was ecstatic that I could understand what she was saying to me!  Yes, the Spanish accents here are very different from what I am used to in Colorado.  Clara told me to come back next week and she would teach me all about the different Asturian cheeses.  Asturia is the provence that Ribadesella is in.

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  1. I'm so proud of you Sara! I look forward to trying some Asturian fabada stew when I come back to Colorado for a visit.