Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Montjuic and Miró

Montjuic is one of the two tallest hills in Barcelona.  We took the metro and a funicular (I would call it a cable car) half way up Montjuic.  Then we walked up to 16th-century castle at the top and back down to the 1992 Olympic site where Oliver and I swam laps in the Olympic pool.  Too cool!  After that we walked down the hill yet more to visit the Miró museum.  The boys never thought we'd stop walking this day and they were less than happy about walking even more through an art museum.  Ah well, we will continue to force culture on them despite complaints. 

Take the gondola to the top of Montjuic?  Not at $10 each, kids!  And besides, if we had we would have missed these awesome slides!

Art inside the castle.  The reflection of the cross looks like a star of David.

Shipyard as seen from the castle

Walking down...

Antenna as art...Barcelona Olympics

What to do while mom and Ollie swim...

And...had we not walked we never would have know Spanish dogs poop neat pyramids of poop balls.

Olympic torch

Outside Miro museum

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  1. Did you see any actual neat pyramids of poop balls or just the pic on the sign?