Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We made it!

We had a very busy and fun first week in Spain.  So busy and fun we are just getting to our blog.  We arrived in Barcelona at 9AM Spain time, which was 1AM in Boulder.  Oy!  We muddled through the train for the airport, waiting in line to buy tickets for trains to Madrid and Oviedo (this is when Louis fell asleep on the floor of the Barcelona train station), found our way to and through the Metro only to find out that our apartment wouldn't be ready for 2 1/2 hours.  We ate at a tapas bar below our apartment, sat until Oliver fell asleep sitting up, woke him and forced ourselves to walk around the block to stay awake.  When we could no longer stand it we decided to sit in the lobby of the apartment and beg pity from the manager.   He finally got us in at 3:30PM.  We set our alarms and collapsed.  The hardest part of all was waking the boys after two hours and convincing them that they had to get up so that we would be on Spain time.   Luckily a pool on the roof enticed Oliver and Louis.  August was less easy to persuade.  Imagine trying to wake a teenager normally and multiply that by 10.  He kept saying nonsensical things like, "I got up the first time you asked me to." (not!).  Okay, on to pictures....

Spencer at the tapas bar, Barcelona, Day 1, with the Metro elevator we failed to see BEFORE we hauled all our luggage up and down stairs in the metro!  This tapas bar is just outside our apt building so you can see how amazingly close the metro was! 

How long can we stay awake??

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