Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Caixa Forum and vertical garden

Aaand...after Sofía Reina and lunch we walked several blocks to the Caixa Forum building.  It looks like it's floating and next door, there's a building with a beautiful garden growing up the side.  I had read about such vertical gardens years ago so I was very excited to see it.  In the peak of the Madrid heat I could feel the cool air coming off of the garden. 
We saw a very interesting exhibit of Russian revolution-era architecture inside the Caixa Forum.  The whole building was just too cool!  August says the building is "psycho."  Spencer says the building was as interesting as the art within.

Side-view, vertical garden.  I want one on the front of my house, but it would just bake!

Water feeding the vertical garden drains into a small rock-lined trench beneath it.

Caixa Forum on left.
Auditorium in the Caixa Forum. 

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