Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach at Barceloneta

A coast guard rescue we witnessed, the details of which we never found out.  The boat at left was towed to shore and it looked as if a coast guard boat was hosing it down with water.

Frank Gehry's Fish


A great day at the beach people watching, playing in the sand and water and basking in the sun.  Along with the drama of the coast guard rescue, we also witnessed a fight on the beach.   There are Thai, Pakistani and African vendors walking on the beach selling goods and drinks on the beach.  A fight broke out between three local teenage boys and a Thai woman.  A Pakistani man got involved too, apparently defending the woman.  We heard a young local woman utter disgust over the boys' behavior; she went over to help break things up.  Eventually the life guard separated them and then the police came and took the boys away.  Not an everyday beach experience, for sure.

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  1. There's a play structure exactly like that here in Malmö!