Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Train station

After searching for and never finding the devil, we walked over to the old part of the train station.  This, by the way, is attached to the train station we arrived at from Barcelona.  I digress...we got to take an AVE train from Barcelona to Madrid, traveling at a top speed of 180 mph.  That was really cool, and it was cushy too.  I digress more....when we first got on the train to Madrid, after having used the first trip on our Eurail Passes I needed to fill out the passport info on them.  I couldn't find Louis' passport.  :0   I figured I must have dropped it when I got them out in the Barcelona station.  We were told that we did not have time to get off the train to find it.  It was a minor panic for about an hour. I say minor because I reasoned that it was more an inconvenience than anything.  We were carrying two photocopies of our passports, it wasn't Spencer's or my passport, and it would be a pain to replace, but do-able, since we will be here for 2 months.  Spencer was amazed at how calm I was.  I was more pissed at myself for losing the passport than anything and I couldn't fathom how I had done it.  It didn't seem like something to freak out over though.  Then I found it in another pocket of my bag, scrounged around until I found a rubber band and finally got them all tied up together (as I had been meaning to do since we left Boulder). 

Now, back to the old train station...  This portion of the train station has been converted into a tropical greenhouse, complete with small ponds and turtles.  We hadn't even seen this when we first arrived in Madrid.

By now, we were hot, tired and definitely ready to head back to the apartment.  We hopped on the metro here and headed back to Plaza del Sol.

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