Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cookies from sequestered nuns

We read about a place in Madrid where sequestered nuns make pastries and sell them through a revolving door so as not to be seen.  It took about an hour of winding through the streets and several stops to check the map before we found the right door.  This was Sunday and there was a note on the door that said there were no more pastries until Monday.  sigh...  Well, at least we knew where to go the next morning.
So, Monday morning we set out for pastries.  A woman hanging around showed us, for a tip, which bell to ring for pastries.  We were buzzed in and made our way through a few hallways and doorways to the wooden window with revolving door.  The voice behind the revolving door was very scratchy and sounded about 100 years old!  There was only one type of pastry available so that's what we bought.  The little door spun and pastries appeared in the window.  We put our money in it's place and spun the door. 
On our way out of this little adventure we met a couple from Austin, TX.  They were also looking for pastries so we told them the routine.  They came out as we were sampling our cookies and we chatted a while.  Turns out they used to live in Boulder (Boulder connection number three in our first week in Spain! - Julia in Barcelona, Hector and now this couple!).  We never did get their names but the woman used to teach at Columbine...I kid you not...about 20 years ago.  I mentioned Jan and Ellen but she didn't know them.  They were spending a few days in Madrid before heading home.  They had just come from the N. coast and were extremely jealous that we were going to spend 7 weeks in Ribadesella.  This was the second group of people we met in Madrid who told us what a great place this area is...so we were getting very excited to see Ribadesella and the N. coast.

The front door.  Notice the video camera.
The first doorway inside the building.
The second corridor/courtyard and doorway.

The menu and window with the revolving door where cookies appeared and money disappeared.

Almost out the door.
Yum!  Anise and lemon flavored hearts.

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