Monday, August 22, 2011

Caixa Forum, Take 2

The Caixa Forum and adjacent vertical garden are sooo cool.  I was curious to see how the garden was faring in the dry, intense heat and sun of a Madrid August.  It was thriving and with only a few slightly brown areas.  I could still feel cool air coming off the garden wall.

Duck faces.

Keep in mind the pattern of the top part of the Caixa Forum.
The Haiti exhibit was interesting (and well air-conditioned).  We decided to go upstairs to the cafeteria for drinks.  This was a really cool room at the top of the building, as seen in the photo above.

Check out the upper walls/windows of the Caixa Forum as seen from the inside!  And those light fixtures are made of rubber!  Really, this building is just too fun!
An apt place for having fun...
Okay, now what we've all been waiting for.  Our final search.  Really, I have no idea how this could have been so hard.

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