Monday, August 1, 2011

Canoeing the Sella - Take 1

Our first attempt to canoe the Sella was foiled by August's stomach bug. 
We finally made it this time.  It was not the quiet, peaceful trip down the river one might imagine.  In fact, it was like bumper canoes at times.  We were also somewhat surprised that after driving us to Arriondas to put in, giving us instructions in Spanish, including that we should get out after 8 bridges, we were left on our own.  It wasn't until after we were pushed down the entrance chute into the river that we realized no guide was going with us.  Well, we did just fine and had a blast!  Four hours, 14 km and 8 bridges later we rowed to the rivers edge where the guys from Turaventura pulled us out and gave us a ride back home.  A 5-minute walk from the storefront and we were in our warm showers!

Sack lunches out of big white buckets were included.  Bocadilla (sandwich) of ham and cheese, apple, chocolate-filled bun and a bottle of water.

Others join us...

Oliver helps Louis and Spencer push off after lunch.

Louis, AKA El jefe.

Blurry but still handsome.

A stop to swim.


August tries to get me to way!  This is as far as I go.

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