Monday, August 15, 2011

Random pictures - 2

Just a few pictures that slipped by me the first time:


For my Spanish teacher, Carla.  Typha species (cattails) along the waterfront in Santander. 

Yet another brand of bottled water.   Lunch in Santander.

Shoes!  And satin pants to match.  Reporter at the hot air balloon in Santander.

Water and a margarita at Viva Zapata, Santander
The train ride home from Llanes:
Traveling through Poo again... on our way home from Llanes.  I stepped in poo twice the day before, in Santander...Spencer had said then, as I was cursing the dog who had poo'ed, that I had gone through Poo to get to Santander...just another juvenile chuckle for us at the expense of the town of Poo.

Typical FEVE train station in Asturias

Train official in Ribadesella talks to a Camino pilgrim, known as a peregrino.

Louis looks possessed after yet another ice cream bar.  He also looks very beach bleached!

Hannah at Playa Sta. Marina

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