Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Supper

(In Madrid)  Appropriately following our visit to El Diablo.
Again, we opted to re-visit a place we had been to in June.  We went back to a Cuban restaurant, Cuando Salí de Cuba, on a small street (we in the US would call it an alley) not too far from Puerta del Sol and our apartment. 

When we were there in June we struck up a conversation with the waitress, from Cuba.  We told her of our plans for the summer.  She was really interested to hear what we were up to.  And she was very reassuring to me, telling me that even as a native Spanish speaker, she had trouble understanding the Spanish spoken to her in Spain when she first arrived some 3 years ago.
We were pleased to find her working when we returned.  She was very excited to see us and hear all about our adventures in the north. 
Notice the pictures of Hemingway on the wall of the restaurant.  We would go back again for sure! Good food and amazingly friendly staff.

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