Monday, August 1, 2011

Yellow Plums

We went for another hike, back up to the yummy, yellow plum tree.  As I suspected, the plums were done fruiting but we still had a nice hike, visited with our bovine friends, had a nice drink at the top and got yet another wonderful view of our sweet Ribadesella.
There are so many cows here, both beef and dairy cows.  However, there is no fresh milk or cream available.  All the milk is ultra-pasteurized, UHT milk and has a funny taste to me.  It is one of the few things I miss from the US.  In fact, I have begun drinking my espresso with sugar only!  That is a huge switch for me...the cream-only-in-coffee girl.  I haven't yet figured out the milk story but Maria-Adele told me the situation is the same in France.  I guess all the cows are used for meat or cheese.   I did read online that fresh milk is sometimes available here in large supermarkets...and Starbucks!  Ha!
Check out Mr. Bull in the foreground!  August called him the "terrifying, steroided bull."

Having a drink and snack at the refreshment stand near the yellow plum tree.

Did you know that some yellow composite flowers stick to clothing when you throw them?

The Sella at low tide, with Picos de Europa in background.

There are all kinds of cars here that we don't see in the States.  We love the names, especially this one, the Jumpy.

Love from the trail!

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