Friday, August 5, 2011

Cangas de Onís, Covadonga y Los Lagos

Everyone here has told us to be sure and visit Lakes Enol and Ercina in the Picos de Europa.   The weather had kept us from going for some time so we seized the opportunity of a sunny day and headed out with Mark and Hannah.  We caught the bus to Cangas de Onis, and then another to Covadonga where we disembarked to see what there was to see in Covadonga and get lunch before heading up to the lakes.

Covadonga's fame stems from the Muslim's first defeat in Spain, 722 AD, by King Pelayo, who then set up the Asturian kingdom.
The scenery in Covadonga was gorgeous.  We were surprised to find that there is really no town to speak of.  We did find a hotel restaurant; we were too early for the lunch menu but they did have sandwiches (and coffee!) available.  We had been expecting to be able to buy bread to go with the cheese we brought with us, for a picnic at the lakes.  The waiter told me there are no stores in Covadonga and that he could not sell us any rolls.  Then he went back to the kitchen and came out with a bag of rolls, for which he charged us nada.

Basílica de Covadonga, built between 1877 and 1901

Hannah and Mark


A strange, red-legged beetle

Goofing at lunch, Covadonga

The chapel in the Santa Cueva and the Fuente de Siete Caños.  The story is that women who drink from the fountain (at left) are ensured marriage within one year.  You can see women lined up to take a sip.
We got back on the bus to go up to the lakes.  Another beautiful, winding drive that I was glad someone else was doing.

Despite sun in Ribadesella, the Picos were shrouded in clouds up at the lake.  Although we didn't get the long-range sweeping views of the mountains, the hills and lakes were beautiful in the clouds.

A break for bread and cheese along the path.
Wildflowers and rocks along the path

Mines of Buferrera.  Remnants of a magnesium and iron mine.  It had its golden era under the control of the British mining company "Asturiana de Minas Ltd., between the years 1893 and 1932.

Oliver, Louis and the miner.

Amazing rock formations.

Lago de la Ercina

Lago de la Ercina from above

Lago de Enol
No goats seen here, but lots of cows.  Again, I would like to import the sound of the cow bells to Boulder.


The kids were fascinated watching this cow drink from the stream.

After our walk around the lakes, we took the bus back down, past Covadonga and into Cangas de Onís.  We had a 3-hour wait until the next bus to Ribadesella so we thought we'd explore Cangas a bit. Clara's store is in Cangas.  She had told me to stop by if we were in town but she wasn't there, bummer.   On to find food and/or drink.

Rio Güeña through Cangas de Onís

Parish church at Cangas de Onís

A sip to revive us.  Seems we are always stopping for food or drink!

Outside a tourist store in Cangas.
King Pelayo
The Sella River at Cangas

Puente Romano, which is actually not Roman but medieval, over the River Sella.

Crossing the Puente Romano

Kids jumping into the river under the Roman bridge

Cangas de Onís and Picos de Europa in background

On a bridge over the Rio Güeña

Relaxing and soaking in the sights along the river before heading back to the bus station.

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