Friday, August 5, 2011

Swimming, eating and hiking in Tereñes

After a lazy morning, we walked 45 min. up the hill to Mark and Hannah's hotel in Tereñes.  It was a hot day so the pool at their hotel felt really nice.
Louis shows off his backstroke.

August and Hannah

Louis' crown

Sara loving the opportunity to swim in a pool!
Is this the international sign for "no swimming with chicken pox?"
Clouds came in and we got hungry so we headed up the street for lunch and then out to the cliffs for a little hike.  More gorgeous scenery.

Just hangin' out above the ocean:

Any guesses what this is/was?  We didn't have a clue.

A friendly neighbor.
Cool insect the boys found.

Insect on a weird haystack.  Oh, no, that's Louis' sun-bleached hair!
The boys got a ride back down to Ribadesella with Hannah and Mark.  That meant Spencer and I got a nice long walk together!

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