Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Storm Begins- Friday Night

Streets into the village of Ribadesella were closed as of Friday evening.

We ventured out after dinner, which Isabel prepared for us, again!  We went out twice between about 9 and 11PM.  Things were hopping but not too crazy.  Music was loud, of course.  We wondered if the drizzly weather was keeping people in their tents.  Louis commented that there really wasn't much to watch.  The few drunk people we saw did not impress him.  We bought a beer and a gin and tonic, got a free, commemorative San Miguel cowboy hat.  I bought bracelets from a Senegalese vendor (one of many) and then we headed home.

Spencer and August went out again between 1:00 and 2:30 AM.  There was a significant difference in the number of people in town.  And there was a steady stream of people coming over to the village from the Playa Sta Marina side of town.

Someone came up to August and yelled, "Justin Bieber?!"  He was taken aback and told the guy, "No!"

Many people asked Spencer to take their pictures.  I'm not sure if I'm sorry that I missed this scene or not.  I guess we'll get another chance as the party will continue tonight.
Plaza with the church

Random revelers asking to have their picture taken.

Plaza in front of Café Bergantín

A barricade moved aside so people can pass through this once-closed off street.

The juxtaposition shown here makes it one of my favorites.

Playa Atalaya

Playa Atalaya.  Spencer was glad to see that no one was in the water.  I was bummed to see all the garbage.  I'm sure the city had it cleaned up this morning.

Pretty insane, eh?  None of the locals we have talked to enjoy this event.  It is a conflict for sure.  We find it amusing on one hand and yet sad that the locals need to board up their doors and windows against potential damage.  The actual race almost seems secondary to the partying.

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