Friday, August 19, 2011

Madrid Revisited

Again, it was so great to come up out of the Puerta del Sol station and walk straight to our hotel.  We were unable to get the same apartment we rented in June so we were wondering what our new digs would be like.  We were surprised and pleased to find our new room not a room at all, but yet another funky apartment with two rooms, two baths, kitchen and daybed in the living room.  We were in the building next door to our previous apartment so we didn't get to ride the old elevator the boys liked so much.  Our building had an equally interesting, what we guessed as 50's era elevator.  Not as aesthetically pleasing in an antique way but still funky and fun to operate!

Here are a few stills of the funky, eclectic mix of decorations in our apartment.  My favorite, which actually kind of creeped out the boys, was the large hall mirror.

Picture on hall mirror

What era is this mirror from, anyway?!

An attempt to capture the charm of our funky elevator!

We got settled and headed out to revisit Madrid.  We walked around a bit and went for dinner at the restaurant where we had met Hector and Ana last June.  We didn't realize that along with seeing new sights in Madrid, we would find ourselves wanting to re-visit familiar places.

Dinner in Madrid, take 2.
Mercado de San Miguel, as seen from our table.

Nearly a full moon.  Beautiful
After dinner the boys went around the corner to get ice cream.  Again, a repeat performance.  I wandered into the Mercado de San Miguel, which I missed the first time in Madrid.  It was filled with tapas bars, fish stands, pastry stalls and an ice cream bar.  I got a mini cone of violet-flavored ice cream.  Yummy and very interesting to the palate.  We all wondered if we could find a recipe to make it at home.

We walked around a bit more and headed home for a (relatively) early day of sightseeing Wednesday.

A fun group singing American pop songs.  They had a huge crowd and we saw them in the same place the next night.

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