Friday, August 5, 2011

Canoeing the Sella - Take 2

With Hannah and Mark!  It was so much fun the first time that we had to canoe the Sella again with our friends.


Lunch break...deja vu

Spencer and Mark...they haven't changed a bit since high school, right?
 We landed a second time, after lunch, so that the boys could jump off a ledge and swim in the river.  They were the only two willing to brave the chilly water.  The air was fairly warm but the day was cloudy.
August and Oliver walking the ledge out to the jump-off point.

Who's going to jump first?

Ollie goes for round two...

Hannah, Louis and Mark wait below.  This after we had three canoes slide unexpectedly into the river.  One, Sara had to go in after.  Brrr...
August and Oliver go again!

That water is really cold!
Lucky for me, Hannah and Oliver said they would cook dinner this night.  Mark took them grocery shopping.  Yes, a night off for me!!

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