Monday, August 22, 2011

It ain't over yet

Nine plus hours to Atlanta, immigration, customs, layover and another 3-hour flight to Denver...

After a very bumpy flight from Atlanta and a long, circuitous approach to DIA, we landed in Denver at around 5PM (1AM our time).  Beginning to feel a bit fatigued by now.  Luckily we were used to late hours in Spain but not quite this late.

First stop while waiting for the shuttle?  Ice cream of course!

He's awake, awaiting ice cream.
Now he's asleep.  
Nothing like a little ice cream to perk you up!
Even my Descenso hat made it home intact.  Much to the boys' chagrin!  They hate that thing and are horribly embarrassed when I wear it!  Yes!

Waiting outside for the shuttle was brutal but beautiful.

We finally got home to Catalpa Way at around 8PM (4AM our time!).  Louis and Oliver went straight to bed and right back to sleep, after sleeping the entire drive to Boulder.  The rest of us forced ourselves to stay up until 9:30 or so.  The return to Mountain Time was pretty painless after that.  It was certainly easier than when we arrived in Barcelona two months and a lifetime's experiences ago.

The trip is over but this won't likely be my last post.  Since we have returned home there have been major protests at Puerta del Sol regarding the Pope's visit to Madrid.  On one hand it would have been interesting to see the protests firsthand but then again, maybe not, as some were fraught by injuries to and arrests of the protesters.  The long and short of the protest was the use of public funds to prepare for the Pope's visit...particularly following cuts made in the spring.  Good to see a fight for separation of church and state in a Catholic country.  And interesting that our visit was book-ended by major public protests.

I have some random thoughts on our trip that I would like to put down in words.  This, only after I can mull them over for a bit.

As they say in Northern Spain, 'sta luego.

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