Monday, August 1, 2011

Lighthouse - Take 2

That crazy, elusive lighthouse...
Previously, we drove up to find the lighthouse when we had the rental car, never found it and succumbed to the need for lunch, in Tereñes, as you may recall.
So, another day, after a hefty Sunday lunch, we set off on foot from our apartment, over the bridge, down the length of Playa de Santa Marina and up the steep hill trail to Tereñes.  We even consulted google maps to figure out where this lighthouse was.
When we reached the point where the trail met the road we were scratching our heads (and me, the parts of my legs stung by stinging nettle) when along came a couple down the road.  They too were looking for the lighthouse but they had started off on foot from Tereñes.  We got to chatting.  The woman, Gerda, is from Holland and her husband, Felix, from Andalusia, Spain.  This was also their second time looking for the lighthouse.  How hard can it be to find a lighthouse!?!  They are supposed to stand out, right?  We have seen the light from Ribadesella at night so we know it exists!
We headed up the road and they followed.  We finally found it at the end of what looked like a driveway, hidden behind tall shrubs, and behind a locked gate.  No!  Really?  I was all set to climb the fence but the boys told me we might get in trouble.  Right.  On closer inspection, the rest of the lighthouse property was surrounded by a stone wall...or the ocean cliff.
We stood on the trail for a good half hour or so and had a nice chat in mixed English and Spanish with Gerda and Felix.  They used to live in Switzerland and now live in Holland.  They are in Ribadesella for the summer also.  It was all worth the somewhat unsatisfying search for lighthouse, just to meet them.
Louis' photo, taken along the trail

Plaque outside the gate of the lighthouse.

There it is!  Through the bars of the gate.

Maybe we can come back when it's open.  I do have a bit of an obsession with lighthouses.

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