Monday, August 1, 2011

Jazz Festival

We had a Jazz Festival here in Ribadesella.  Two nights of live music from the US.   Funny it was called a jazz festival when neither of the bands were jazz bands.  A blues band, The Zac Harmon Band, played the first night.  The band members were from Mississippi, Texas and Michigan.  The second night of the festival featured The Late Show Gospel Band from New York.  Music started at 11PM, in keeping with the normal schedule here in Spain.  I was surprised and pleased that I made it through both nights.
Both bands were a lot of fun to listen to.  To hear music from the states was both fun and really out-of-place weird!  Everyone came out to see the music.  The square was packed.  Only on the second night did we get front-row seats at our favorite cafe, Café Bergantín.

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