Friday, August 5, 2011

The crowds arrive

The August crowds, as well as the pre-race crowds, have arrived and we can see the difference on the beach.  The international canoe race down the Sella River, known as The Descenso, is only two days off.  The streets are packed with cars and tents have started to sprout up in the school yards, the island in the river and even in the parking lot by the beach.
We have heard about the Descenso from locals since we arrived.  Now we are about to experience it. We are enjoying what may be our last day at the beach.  Who knows what it will be like during the craziness of The Descenso and how the weather will cooperate the days after.  It's Thursday and we have only four more days here in Ribadesella before we head to Madrid on Tuesday.

Low tide provided a great palette for sand sculptures.
Low tide also provided a hot tub of sorts.

These two are obviously brothers!

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