Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Acantilados del Infierno hike-Take II

The name of this hike translates to "Hell's Cliffs."  I actually found it to be closer to heaven than hell.  We did have a bit of trouble finding the trailhead, which was about 1Km out of town.  The hike was billed as 5Km long but with the hike to and from the trailhead and all the wrong turns to get there we figured we ended up hiking about 8Km.  In the end, in order to find the trailhead, we walked over to the train station and asked the station master for help.  We had to walk along the highway for a bit, cross it twice and there was the trailhead...unmarked but somehow found.  All the signs along the trail were facing in the opposite direction, indicating how to return.  So if we came to a fork we knew we had come from the right direction but had to divine which way to continue.  All worked out and we met some beautiful, hairy friends along the way.  Some of this trail overlaps with the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail.  see this link for more info on the Camino.
Chickens again

Toy train up ahead?

Time for a lunch stop.

Ferns everywhere!  Let's eat here.

They call it Hell?  I don't think so!

Looking east, the camera, not August

Hey, there are goats on the cliffs!
We heard bells, then came around the corner to discover this herd.

 Many of these goats were nursing.  We could actually smell the goat's milk in the air!

We overstayed our welcome and the goats headed for the hills, literally.

This guy kind of freaked out Oliver.  He made some pretty snarly faces at us.

This "landmark" was actually marked on our trail map, "Casa Derruida", demolished house.

Mar Cantábrico

Looking back west toward Playa Atalaya

Looking east

Heading back through farmland.  We passed a couple of farmers on tractors along the way.

Stand of trees in the center are Eucalyptus

Those who watch Futurama will appreciate the above video.  Others will just think August odd.

Listen to the bells in the following video.  I just love that sound.

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  1. These photos are gorgeous...views must be amazing in real life.