Sunday, July 10, 2011

El Mercado

These pictures were taken at last Wednesday's mercado.  My favorite day of the week.  I stock up on dried beans, bread, cheese, meats, vegetables and fruits.  In addition, we usually buy empanadas for lunch at home or for hikes.  Last week we bought pants for Spencer and Louis.
I always buy beans, cheese, meats and produce from Clara and her husband.  She taught me how to make fabada the first mercado we were here.  The second, she gave me a tutorial on, and tasting of, Asturian cheeses.  Each week I have bought different dried beans to cook up.  They are all very delicious and so easy.  I cook them in the morning and we have them for lunch or dinner and beyond.
Clara at her stand.  She is a gem!

Having coffee and watching the crowd.

It's "Take your dog to the bar" day...  She put her dog down only when she went to smoke a cigarette.

Our obsession with shoes continues.  Mercado was a great opportunity to look but a bit crowded to photograph them well.

These type of sandals are everywhere!

Again, and some have the pants tucked into them.
We will work on getting better quality shoe pictures in the future.

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