Friday, July 8, 2011

sangria and the good life

Who knew we could get boxes of sangria at the grocery store?  And for only 74 euro cents!  We have found a better brand but it's digging into our savings at 80 cents a box.  None of it is the highest quality wine but hey, sangria is supposed to be made from lower quality wine.  Sure is a nice little nip in the evening...or while blogging on a rainy day.
Yum, "little worms" to eat at the beach...from Oliver and Louis' lunch the day August was home sick.
The smallest car we've ever seen, only slightly bigger than a breadbox.

Sesame Street critters on the back ledge of the little car.

More cool shoes.  Want to try them on but I could never walk in them!

Playing Bananagrams during some down time

The smallest door we've ever seen, also only slightly bigger than a breadbox.

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