Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boys on the town

August and Oliver have made friends with Isabel's house cleaner's son, Bryan.  Coincidentally, we had previously met Bryan's father, Jeber, in the cafe where he works.  Very small town...
August and Oliver have signed up for a canoeing program that Bryan is in.  They go down to the river 3-4 times a week to canoe with a group of kids and a "monitor."  The cost for July is an amazing $15/kid.  They are having fun and it is good for them to have some time with other kids.
I went to watch one day and another day Spencer, Louis and I went up to the mirador above our apartment and watched the kids canoe.

Watching from the mirador.  The recreation building is the one with the big round window.
This last week was the festival for the marineros, or fisherman.  BIG deal here.  (more on the festival later)  There was a small carnival set up at the harbor as part of the festival.  For three nights the boys went to ride the bumper cars...usually meeting up with Bryan and friends.

Waiting for a car.

Carousel at the carnival   

While out one night we found some rather funny souvenirs in the window.
What's with the three "head-feet?"

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