Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mercado Atlantico

We stumbled upon this store when walking home from Playa de Sta Marina one day.  Every town needs an Asian import store.  It feels a little odd to speak Spanish to a the shop owner who, obviously speaks Chinese.  I wonder, does she also speak English?  We speak Spanish to her so I wouldn't know.  There is everything one could need and would never need at this store...clothes, hardware, housewares, cosmetics and toiletries, trinkets...
Gems from the shop window....
We actually know enough Spanish to know that this word was mis-translated.  I can't even pronounce it.


Again, huh?

Need a golfer figurine, matador figurine or dwarf-lamp?

Need we say more?  Cows are, after all, the mascot of Asturius.

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