Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A piano!

We have been looking for a piano for August and Louis to use since we arrived in Ribadesella.  We have asked our landlady and other friends if they know of someone with a piano.  We went to the Casa de Cultura, were given the number of the music school here and found that it is closed for the summer.  August and I have even been on a wild-goose chase, trying to catch up with the priest here.  We can't seem to locate him unless he is in some procession.  Basically, we have struck out everywhere.  August has begun to get pretty frustrated.
While exploring Llanes yesterday we stumbled upon a school of music there.  The doors were open so we walked in.  The only people we saw were some little kids at what looked like a summer daycare program.  We wandered upstairs and found a piano in a practice room.  August and Louis played to their rusty-fingers' content.  It was a rainy day so this was a perfect respite from walking in the rain.  And it was really fun to hear the boys.  The oddest thing was that no one ever came upstairs to see who was playing away on the piano.  Quite a find, I must say.
Here's one happy August:

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