Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ruta del Cares - pt. 2

After a short while on the Ruta del Cares trail we reached a mirador, or viewpoint, with a spectacular view and description of the peaks.
Cantabrian Chamois, the symbol of the park.  We never saw any others besides this one.  But we saw other furry friends later on!
August looking handsome at 830 m.

A family shot with Carlos.
Wildflowers along the hike.

And more wildflowers

We stopped for lunch next to a creek, and then continued on along the road.  It was a gorgeous walk but we would yell, "coche" whenever a car would pass to be sure everyone was safely off to the side.  Those of you who have played Fungo with us, would smile knowing that we would yell "fungo" sometimes.

Spencer brings up the rear along the Rio Cares

Sharing the road with cars...

We reached Caín and made a brief trip into the store for ice cream bars.

Entering Caín

The "supermarket" in Caín
Spencer brings up the rear, again.
A family of kitties.

We arrived at the bridge over the Rio Cares and the fish ladders.  The next section of the hike was more than we could have imagined, both in spectacle and terrifying heights.  The idyllic site of the fish ladder and resident ducks had us fooled so we did not expect what was to come.  Part 3 to come...

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  1. I'm glad to hear that "fungo" is alive and well in Spain. :)