Monday, July 25, 2011

Torneo de Bolos

This Asturian bowling tournament final was fascinating.  It was even televised.  We were on camera but forgot to ask Isabel to check and see if we were on Spanish TV.  Check out the name on the satellite dish! 
We never could figure out the scoring, even after we googled Asturian bowling. It seemed as if the players would score a different amount of points for, what appeared to be, the same number of pins.  It was a pretty somber affair; there was little clapping and almost no cheering.  We only clapped when the rest of the audience did...since we never really knew when a good throw was made.
Spencer read that some form of this bowling existed as far back as the 15th or 16th century.

News crew filming

Setting up the pins.  To the right is the high-tech ball return, complete with plastic tube.

The competing teams:  at left Eugenio y Carmen, Sara y Sergio at right.
Sara winds up...

Carmen aims...Eugenio waits for the ball to return at the cut-out in the tube....made because the women's platform is further forward than the men's.

Eugenio steps up to the platform, which is further back than the women's platform.  Notice ball return at left.

The release...

Sergio, just after the release...

Sara aims...look at that concentration!
The award ceremony.  Sara and Sergio win!

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  1. Love the "Swe-dish" satellite dish! :)