Friday, July 1, 2011

Three beaches to choose from!

Here we are (day 1 again) at Playa de Santa Marina on the far side of the bridge from our apartment...15 min walk, max.  The sandy beach starts on the Rio and wraps around to El Mar Cantábrico.  The water is a brisk 66 degrees F but given enough sun we can swim, body surf and boogie board.  Can it be that we have 3 beaches to choose from?  Am I in heaven??  August and Oliver will have surf lessons here.
Check out that sky!

The first of many days playing in the sand.

Making a grocery list.

Hotel on right is the first to be built along the beach.  These hotels have beautiful ceramic tiles on their facades.
Playa de Santa Marina and that building at the top of the hill again...see future blog...

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