Thursday, July 21, 2011

Biarritz, France

Just a short distance down the highway and we were in Biarritz.  This was an easier town to navigate in the car but we did promptly find and buy a map.  The streets were such that we wanted to mark our parked car on the map so that we could find it again.  We found this to be a great strategy in foreign, convoluted cities.  Besides, I love maps!
(If anyone we know wants to travel to N. Spain and SW France we have quite a collection of maps to lend!)

The Grande Plage, Biarritz. 

Wall to wall people on the beach and in the water. 

We certainly got some waves, bodysurfed, boogie boarded and got slammed!  Yes!

Phare (lighthouse) de Biarritz
 After our fill of the beach and waves...and the encroaching tide...we packed up, went to sight-see a bit and find food.

One of the many small islands off of Biarritz.

Overlooking the Grande Plage as the crowd begins to thin out.
View from our restaurant table.
 We found a sweet little restaurant, Restaurant L'abrí-cotíer, with very attentive and friendly waiters.  The owner too was taken with Louis, especially after Louis said, "c'est bon" with his mouth full of pasta.
Sara's grouper with mussels and pasta.


I'm not getting tired of the espressos, that's for sure.
Louis' chocolate fondant with the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had!

August's frozen creme brulee.  Lucky for Spencer and me he didn't care for the black cherry yum at the bottom.

Frasca goes to France.

After dinner, Spencer, August and I were admiring the views from above while Louis and Oliver admired the view of a dead fish down below.

Port des Pecheurs and city view.

St. Eugénie.  We saw what we thought were bullet-made pock marks on the front of this church as we had on others.  Biarritz is, afterall, in the Basque region of France.
Back to San Sebastian for the night.  An easy drive west.  We are off to Bilbao and back to Ribadesella the next day.  Spencer and I definitely want to come back to this part of France.

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