Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random pictures

Boats in the Rio Sella, looking across to older half of town.

August and Louis at a restaurant at the bottom of our street.

 A walk around town:
Mausoleum just up the hill from us.


Woman feeding her chickens and turkeys across the street from the Mausoleum
Some seem a bit scruffy, eh?

So many gorgeous hydrangeas of all colors all over town.

Can you tell that this window and terrace are painted on?

Mansion next to Playa Atalaya.  Can you see the goats in the yard?  We discovered them when I heard the bells around their necks.  Cows and goats in the area routinely have bells on them.  It is such a tranquil sound.

The Ribadesella train station.  Just up and over the hill from us.

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