Monday, July 18, 2011

Nava and Cider Museum

We rented a car for a week to explore the area.  Of course, our dear landlord, Carlos, drove August and I to a neighboring town, Llanes, to get the car.  I am loving my little manual transmission Peugeot!  Having more experience with a manual transmission, I am the designated driver.  The arrangement works well as Spencer is a superior navigator!
Our first trip out was to nearby Nava and the cider museum.  Cider, or Sidra, is a huge thing here.  This is a huge understatement!  The cider is not as sweet or as carbonated as ciders in the US.  It is traditionally poured from above the head as I mentioned in a previous post.  The museum was fun, although the tour was in Spanish so Spencer couldn't really understand any of it, and the town of Nava fairly unremarkable.  It was a rainy day so the town was quiet and the museum a perfect outing.

Huge, old cider press, Nava cider museum.

Ollie pours water like cider.

I think he may have a future as a waiter in Asturias!

Louis gives it a try...

The cider museum

The central square in Nava

The rather stark church on the town square, Nava

Is it art or a giant percussion instrument?  This was the most remarkable thing we saw in Nava, aside from the museum.

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