Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saint- Jean-de-Luz, France

Our first stop in France the next day was less than an hour away.  We wound our way through Saint- Jean-de-Luz, during market day, to the beach.  The French definitely drive differently than the Spanish.  I felt like I was being physically elbowed with other driver's cars.  I learned quickly to elbow back, or else I would have been left waiting all day!

The tide was low so we explored, sunbathed a bit (France-style) and had lunch on the hill above the beach.  Oliver was somewhat embarassed that we had no French skills whatsoever, with which to talk to the waiter.  The waiter spoke no English and no Spanish and no Euskara (not that that would have helped us).  I think Oliver got over his embarrassment when it came time to eat his nutella crepe.
The biggest snail Louis has ever found.

What's up that hill?  A chapel, a little cottage?  Spencer and I took a walk up there.  The building was some water maintenance building.  Oh well...  But the views were wonderful!
Top of the hill...

No, I am not yet tired of the ocean views and breezes.

Looking across the bay.

Fort Socoa, Saint-Jean-de-Luz
The boys were really Jonesin' for some waves so we packed up and headed off to Biarritz!

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