Monday, July 18, 2011


We arrived at Lastres, described in our guide book as "a scruffier version of Cudillero with a couple of 16-century churches thrown in." That's all?!? Lastres was gorgeous and we'd love to go back and explore it more.  The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful evening!

Lastres at last!

An incredible evening sky.

The edge of town and harbor, at right.

Checking out the tide pool action in Lastres.

Oliver's green crab friend.

Windblown trees.

Lastres as seen from above.

Protected harbor, Lastres.

Lastres and beach we visited.

Sixteenth century church atop the hill at Lastres

Another typical "belltower"

Open-air entrance to altar inside the church.
Altar.  Check out the chandelier!
Excuse me, but what do a t-shirt, walking stick, rosaries, what looks like an elbow cast, and doll legs have to do with a church altar??
Again, baby doll legs?!?

The other 16th-century church in Lastres

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