Monday, July 25, 2011

Frigo Pie!

The first time I saw Frigo Pie in a little market I did, what I often do here.  I mixed English and Spanish pronouncing this at Frigo Pie, as in cherry pie, rather than pronouncing it properly in Spanish (pie means foot).  It's a running joke around here now...
We found them in our grocery store, El Arbol, and the boys have been smiling since!  Now we've even seen Frigo Dedo (finger)! 
How would foot-shaped ice cream sell in the US?


  1. Mmmm....nothing like frozen feet and fingers to keep cool in the summer.

  2. My Grandad lived on the Costa Blanca until he passed away so when I was a kid we used to fly out there to see him every year....I remember loving these (I mean it IS an ice cream shaped like a foot!!) and always having them! Do they still make a 'Semofrito' which is the same pink ice cream but shaped like a traffic light?

    Great post, glad to see these are still around! Took me right back to my childhood