Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Futbal en la Playa

 Oliver and Louis bought a soccer ball to play with on the beach.   While they were playing, a boy named Rodrigo, came up to ask if he could play.  More joined in...Rodrigo leaves and then returns later.

One of the boys talks to Louis, who gets a little embarrassed and frustrated because he can't understand.  He takes a break but eventually goes back to playing.

The grandmother, August and Oliver watch.
Rodrigo returns with David.  August and Oliver join in.

With Oliver as goalie and August on the field, August is required to play on his knees.

Louis steps off the field to ham it up.

Fernando, second from left, is very fast!  August tells him he will be a world champion in futbal.  His friend said, "It looks like it."
It was a good day at the beach.  We left around 8PM to go home for dinner.  The grandmother was also telling her boys that it was time to go home for dinner.  Spanish hours for sure.

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