Sunday, July 3, 2011

First communion

We got to witness a first communion ceremony from the comfort of a restaurant across the square from the church.  Carlos told us about this the day before so we planned to watch before heading to the beach for the afernoon.  All the while we sipped espresso and tinto de verano and ate tapas of sliced meats, bread and olives.
At the side of the church.  Waiting to process.

Processing into the church.
Hydrangea petals on the steps of the church.
 After the service....
Preparing to process through town after the service.

Colorful flower petals left in the trail of the procession.

And the band plays on...
The band started playing before the children processed out of the church.  Some of the band members were sitting at a table adjacent to us during the first communion service.  The band director had to come fetch them when it was time to play.  Not a typical American experience for sure!

And everyday life goes on....
A woman hangs her laundry above another restaurant while the first communion service is going on.

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