Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As I've said, we have amazing landlords.  One afternoon in our first week Carlos asked if we wanted him to take us to see the caves one can drive though.  Of course.  Spencer stayed behind to study Spanish since there wasn't room for all of us.  Off we went to see the caves as well as a 12th/13th century church, as well as other.  Then he took us to an overlook and bought refreshments for us.  Wow!  Carlos told us that there is a town that can only be accessed by driving through the cave.  He dropped us off at the entrance to the cave, let us walk through and then met us on the far side.  He even stopped, backed up and handed me a flashlight.  Talk about being well taken care of...

Entrance to the cave

I wondered about the significance of the cross here.


Approaching the cave exit

Outside the cave exit

12th/13th century church.  No longer used

Detail above church door

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