Thursday, July 28, 2011

Potes and Picos

The day after the Torneo de Bolos we went on an outing with Carlos.  August and Oliver rode with Carlos to keep him company.  Lucky them, Carlos' car has air conditioning.  The AC in our rental, as well as the windshield wiper fluid sprayer didn't work.  Oh well, I still loved mi coche.
Potes is an old town that attracts quite a lot of tourists.  The center of town is very charming.  It suffered a lot of damage during the civil war but much of it has been restored.  It was market day, thus very crowded.  We took a walk through town, went to get empanadas and fruit at the market and moved on to the Picos.

Río Deva in Potes

The tourist shops along the old, narrow cobblestone roads is a strange juxtaposition. 

I love these walkways right underneath houses.

Río Deva and Picos de Europa beyond.

Carlos strolls along the Río Deva.  August insists on wading across it.

Amazing sky and Picos


We left Potes for Fuente Dé.  The plan was to take the teleférico (gondola) up into the Picos.  The drive to the Picos was a bit hairy at times but beautiful!

We had lunch at Fuente De´.  Isabel told me she made "a little" food for our lunch.  I figured with August alone we should supplement what she made.  That's why we bought the empanadas in Potes.  Well, when Carlos brought out the basket of food we saw the feast she had made.  She sent a large Spanish omelet (tortilla), lightly breaded and fried solomillo (sirloin), sliced manchego, bread and bottled water!  We didn't eat much of our empanadas.  When we got home, Isabel insisted we take all the leftovers too!  Anyway, here's the our beautiful picnic view.
As we had expected, the line for the teleférico was about an hour long.  Then we'd have to wait again to come down.  Carlos hadn't planned to come up with us.  He was going to wait in his car.  We decided to skip the ride up and move on to Santillana de Mar.

Picos as seen from the teleférico base at Fuente Dé

Our picnic view.

The road to Santillana del Mar.  Another narrow, curvy drive with amazing scenery.
See, amazing views.  The boys new favorite snack food is Rufinos.  Like cheese-flavored cheetos (or pirate bootie) made by Ruffles.  This is how they entertained themselves in the car.

HERE are the amazing views.

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