Friday, July 1, 2011

Around the hood

Just some random pictures from our lovely neighborhood here in Ribadesella.
Blogging in our courtyard.  Our landlords live on the top floor.

Again, we live a block to the right of the church.

Random apartments up the hill from us.

Palacio Prieto Cutre - Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) circa sixteenth century
Mail drop at El Correo (post office) 1/2 block from the church.
Marina on the Rio Sella.  We cross the bridge to get to the other side of town, the sandy beach and the caves.

Apartments (seems to be for retired folks) on the Rio Sella near the Caves.  Just south of far side of bridge.

Rio Sella where it enters the Mar Cantábrico (Bay of Biscay).  Make note of small building on top of the hill for future blog.

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