Monday, July 4, 2011

Miradores de Ardines Hike

We took a hike in the hills south of Ribadesella.  The hike was not really on a trail but followed the very narrow roads in the hills.  For the geologists among you...In the description of the hike our pamphlet says, "The massif presents the forms of karst landscape (sinkholes and hums) above an interior lansdscape of caves, such as El Tenis, La Cuevona or Tito Bustillo."   We could identify what we thought were sinkholes but had no idea what a hum is or looks like.

Back in the day, centuries ago...this stone bridge was the only access to the beach.

The eastern "suburbs" of Ribadella
Palacio de Sierra Mayor

"Private property.  Dangerous dogs."

Do not pass go here!

On the road again....

The nicest "beware of dog" sign we've ever seen.
Just as we reached the top with the best views of Ribadesella there was a little concession stand.  Nothing like a little tinto de verano (red wine with fizzy water), kass (like orange fanta) and pepsi to quench our thirst.  We sat under a yellow plum tree where we found incredibly delicious, ripe plums on the ground to sample.

Playa de Sta. Marina

I want that plum!



La Mirador #1

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