Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wrong plane??

Did we get on the wrong plane?  The third night we were here August and Spencer went to a Fiesta for San Juan.  The fiesta was on a small island in the Rio Sella and started at 10 or 11PM; the bonfire was lit at midnight so it was a bit late for the other boys and me.  What they found was pretty surprising.  They wondered if we had landed in Wales or Scotland.  Check it out...

People run around the bonfire while bagpipes are played.  Cider is sold by the bottle (1L) with a coupon given at the same time.  The coupon entitles the holder to a second bottle for 50 cents.  Spencer had a glass and left the remainder of the bottle for someone else.
The music has been quite a surprise to us.  We are seeing the Celtic influence on Asturias.

Another day we stumbled upon what looked like a wedding reception outside of the town hall, Ayuntamiento.  These two were playing music for the crowd.  This has probably been the most unexpected experience we have had here.

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