Thursday, July 28, 2011

Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar is called the city of three lies.  It is not holy (santi) or flat (llana), and it is not on the sea (mar).  This is a gorgeous medieval town that is very well preserved.  Locals still live in the houses, passing down their houses from generation to generation.  Back in 1575 the city introduced strict town planning laws.  Recently they added a rule that only residents and hotel guests with garages can park within the city.  Other hotel guests may drop off luggage and then park outside the city.  All other visitors must also park outside the town limits, in pay lots.  This made for a much nicer pedestrian experience, for sure. 
After all of the centuries-old towns we have visited, I haven't tired of the ancient architecture and charming narrow, cobble-stoned streets.

After a a bit of a stroll we needed refreshments.  Found a place for coffee and corbatas (pastries called ties) with a beautiful courtyard and the unfortunate aroma of cow dung wafting through occasionally.

We all chuckled a little about Carlos' crown of green hair.

So I took a photo that was a bit more flattering.
After coffee, chocolate caliente and corbatas we moved on to see the rest of the town.

The 12th century, Romanesque Colegiata de Santa Juliana, the church at Santillana del Mar

Hey, what happened to that guy's head?

Palacio de Velarde, from the 15th century.

Detail from the Palacio Caja Cantabria

Just some wild ornamentation on a building along the way.

Leaving town...

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