Monday, July 18, 2011

The road to Lastres

After the cider museum we figured the best thing to do in the rain was to go on a little drive.  We had read about the fishing port of Lastres and so decided to head there.  This was an hour'ish drive on a very narrow, very beautiful 1.5 lane "highway."  It was the best decision; the drive was charming and the endpoint amazing!
Other travelers we encountered along the road to Lastres

Misty view from the highway.

Church in La Riera.  The sign on the door says that it is 30 Euros for a burial site here,   only about $45!

A typical bell "tower", seen on churches all over Asturias.

The house next to the church...and my sweet, little Peugeot.

Here's a little video of our highway friends....

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