Friday, July 29, 2011


We had one more stop to make on the way home from Santillana del Mar, the Bufones (blow holes) near the tiny hamlet of Llames, in the community of Llanes.   The bufones are blow holes that spurt air and water, at times like geysers, up from the sea through channels in the limestone sea walls.
The views in the area are beautiful.  The landscape is both green, rolling hills and ragged, wind-shaped rocks at the coastline.  The bufones are impressive and funny at the same time.  The cows grazing nearby were oblivious to all.  The bufones were not blowing full-force the day we were there but still, just the wind coming from them was powerful. 
Bufones in Spanish also means buffoon or clown.

This height is giving me the willies.

One blows behind August and Louis.

The first blow hole that we saw did not spray much but the power of the wind emanating from it was impressive.

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